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At Integrating Thinking we consider learning as a “whole child” activity and experience of life that occurs in various contexts and situations. We know many others think the same way and enjoy sharing the wisdom!

The plan is to present various neuro-developmental topics and other interesting things relating to the education of children and enhancing learning potential from a neurological, movement, biophysical and general all-round perspective.  

There is no “one right way” to educate a child.  So often it is the child and their experiences that educates us “grown ups” about our world, our learning situations and how we learn. In our field of work, they educate us about the challenges of developmental delays and immaturity issues,about the importance of everyday things like movement, rest and appropriate nutrition as well as more complex lessons pertaining to neurological dysfunction the causes of which we may not fully understand, but the consequences of which we all have to deal and cope with.

It is the parents, carers and champions of these children that advocate for the special needs child and the child who just isn’t quite reaching their potential at home or at school.

Our role as neuro-developmental educators is to assist in that journey helping to address some of the fundamental building blocks and foundational issues that may contribute to the challenges the child and family face. As “grown ups” we do know alot and our goal is to help use that knowledge to enhance others learning potential.

Our work is constantly changing. The need for our sort of work also appears to be growing as more children and adults present with issues associated with neuro-motor immaturity and difficulties participating in and functioning in our ever-changing environments. 

If you have a story to tell regarding the success of the INPP program in your family or the Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation program and you are happy to share that with others, please contact us: admin@integratinghtinking.com.au     Shared knowledge and wisdom may help make the journey of another family in similar circumstances that little bit easier.

Just to let you know, we welcome your comments, But… Please be cordial and polite respecting the different experience of others.  Informed and varied discussion is great!  

Once again, welcome to this information and discussion zone. 🙂





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