Integrating Thinking
Integrating Thinking

A Learning Story: How the Body Tells it.

The Learning Story as a Body Story.The Body Tells a Learning Story:  An Introduction.

  • Why this perspective is so important for educators, AND,  

  • Why we need to look at the body to tell us the learning story of the children in our classrooms.

When we think of academic learning we usually think about the brain and how it works, and how we can manage our brain functions to learn betterBut, it’s often the body that tells us about how the brain is operating and supporting learning for our students.

We need to learn to read that body language. It tells us HOW our students learn.  

Here’s some more information about WHY this perspective is so important for educators: 


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"How the Body Tells the Learning Story." Course info. 2021

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About me: Christine PayardAbout me:  I’m Christine Payard (PhD).  I’m an educator, with a passion for learning:  how we learn and how to help others learn.  I look at learning from a neurodevelopmental perspective because I’ve learned that if the body doesn’t support learning, it can interfere with learning.  That process starts early in our development and it’s how the body helps train the brain and supports ongoing function, including academic learning.




Integrating Thinking