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INPP Practitioner Training: Australia


Unlock the Power of Neuroplasticity: 

Become an INPPTM Practitioner for Children and Adults with

Functional and Learning Challenges.


INPPTM Practitioner 

One- year Training Course

INPPTM Practitioner Post Graduate Course in INPPTM Theory, Diagnosis and Treatment of Neuromotor Immaturity (NMI)

Using the INPP Method in your Allied Health, Teaching, Medical or Therapeutic Practice.

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Are you a professional working with children and adults who have learning or functional challenges? 


Discover the transformative potential of neuroplasticity and neurodevelopmental approaches with the International INPPTM    Practitioner’s Course delivered in Australia by Dr Christine Payard (PhD).

 International INPP Practitioner’s Course:  Australia 

Some Background Information:

“HOW we learn and function is much more than just a brain-based activity.  Our body primes our brain for learning, and it supports and helps us learn throughout our lives.”  (Dr Christine Payard, PhD)

The INPPTM Practitioner Course helps you discover and understand the basic neuro-motor and sensory maturity aspects of development that lay the foundations for how we learn.  

It teaches you how to identify and address neuromotor and sensory immaturity in your clients.    

It teaches you how to integrate primitive reflexes, develop sensory maturity, and support learning and function using natural developmental movement.

The INPPTM Method enables professionals to examine how their client’s body has laid the foundation for learning from early in life while understanding its current functioning.

For clients with functional difficulties, this method offers targeted therapy to address learning and functional issues caused by retained primitive reflexes and/or underdeveloped postural reflexes (neuromotor immaturity).

By immersing yourself in neurodevelopmental theory and practice, you’ll learn how the body and brain can adapt and bolster the learning process for each individual. Our focus is on addressing immature primitive and postural reflexes while fostering the growth of mature sensory systems, unlocking the pathways to enhanced learning and functioning.

“If we don’t pay attention to the body and what it is telling us about how we function, then, we are missing some of the greatest clues and cues about understanding how we learn.  The body often shows us the blocks that get in the way of learning, functioning and fulfilling our potential. We can help address those using the INPP method.”  [Dr Christine Payard (PhD)] 

The INPP method is gentle, non-invasive, and uses natural developmental movement to address immaturity in the neuromotor and sensory systems that may be negatively impacting learning and function.

Say “yes” to gentle, non-invasive techniques that unlock better learning and functioning for your clients, and join practitioners from around the world by becoming an INPP Practitioner.

INPPTM Practitioner Training is offered Internationally in over 12 countries and in Australia by experienced Neurodevelopmental Educator and Consultant, Dr Christine Payard (PhD). 

2023 - 2024 INPP Practitioner Course Flier

Empower Your Clients:

Address Neuro-Motor and Sensory Immaturity with a Proven Process.

Course information:

For over 45 years, children and adults around the world have benefited from the INPPTM therapeutic intervention programme using the principles of neuroplasticity to help address the issues underlying many functional and learning challenges.

The INPPTM Practitioner’s Course is based on the original work of Dr Peter Blythe (PhD) and is written about by current INPP International Director, Sally Goddard Blythe.  The course is delivered globally by INPPTM Principals. Australia’s INPPTM Principal is Nueordevelopmental Educator,  Dr Christine Payard (PhD).  

The common curriculum in the INPPTM Practitioner’s course includes 4 modules:

  1. The history and theory behind the INPP Programme;
  2. The INPPTM testing protocol;
  3. The INPPTM therapy and exercise programme;
  4. An exam and assessment module.

Successful completion of the course leads to Licentiate Membership of INPPTM International and Certification by INPPTM International.

The 2023 – 2024 INPPTM Practitioner Course is being offered as a predominantly online course with five days of face-to-face delivery in Module 2 in Brisbane.  Details are in the course flier, but here’s a quick summary of dates and delivery modes:




When & Where?

Delivery details:                    

Module 1 (on-line delivery): 2023    Part 1 –October 19th & 20th  2023; ( 2 days: Thursday & Friday);  Part 2 – October 26th & 27th  2023; (2 days:  Thursday & Friday)

Module 2 (face-to-face delivery in Brisbane):  2024   January 8th to January 12th 2024 ; (5 days: Monday to Friday);

Module 3 (on-line delivery): 2024  March 19th to 22nd  2024  (4 days: Tuesday to Friday);

Module 4: (on-line delivery): 2024   May 30th  to June 1st 2024 (3 days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday).



This course is designed for anyone with a first degree and professional qualifications as well as a minimum of five years of experience in a field allied to Education, Medicine or Psychology. This includes Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech/Language Therapy.

A full curriculum vitae is required on application, along with supporting documentation (see the course flier for more information).



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Enrollment for the next 2023 – 2024 INPPTM Practitioner Training Course is

NOW OPEN and closes on September 28th, 2023.

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Positions are highly valued & limited to a maximum of 10 people.


2023 - 2024 INPP Practitioner Course Flier


Online enrolment is open now. (CLOSES SEPTEMBER 28TH, 2023)

Alternatively, complete the enrolment form and processes outlined in the 2023 – 2024 INPP Practitioner Course Flier.

What others have said about the course and your presenter:









“I’m so excited! I have really enjoyed the course with you. Thank you for your knowledge, your kind attitude and flexibility. So happy to be joining your network!”

(O.B. 2021 INPP Trained Practitioner)



If you are a professional educator, allied health care practitioner, psychologist or have a degree aligned with these ways of working, this is likely to be a great course for you. 



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Join us for a LIVE Q & A Session

on September 5th, 2023 at 7 pm (AEST).



12 noon on Sept 1st, 2023.

Note:  This session will be recorded, but recordings will only be available to those who register and for a short period of time. 



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