Integrating Thinking
Integrating Thinking

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Address: 3/8 Maisel Close, Smithfield, 4878
Postal: PO Box 15, Smithfield, QLD 4878
Phone: +61 429 614 687


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    Integrating Thinking provides individual consultation services with clients in Smithfield, Far North Queensland

    Integrating Thinking provides training courses for INPP Practitioners and INPP Health Screening Courses in Australia.

    Integrating Thinking provides inservice training and on-going mentoring for schools and educational institutions to address neuro-motor readiness for learning and neuro-motor immaturity in educational settings across Australia.

    Integrating Thinking provides speaking and information sessions across Australia for schools, educational practitioners, Health Care practitioner groups and others interested in neuro-motor readiness for learning and sensory neuro-motor immaturity as it impacts on learning and daily functioning in children and adults.


    Integrating Thinking