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INPP Health Care Practitioner Screening

Screening for Health Care Professionals – One Day program

The next INPP Screening for Clinicians and Health Professionals program is yet to be scheduled for delivery.


This new training course is designed for Health Care practitioners involved in working with children or adults with behavioural or learning issues that may be associated with Neuro Motor Immaturity.  Participants will learn about the theory behind the neurological screening tests and the application of the tests in identifying Neuro-Motor Immaturity.


This course includes instruction in the use of the manual: Neuromotor Immaturity in Children and Adults allowing practitioners to test for neuro-motor immaturity and provide advice and direction if required.

“Research has shown that contrary to popular belief many children do have immature neuromotor skills without more serious pathology and that this is directly linked to underachievement in education and other areas

Disorders of movement can also affect thoughts and behaviour – the test can be used with adults to identify cases where factors influencing balance and perception underlie psychological symptoms such as panic disorder

Includes a range of reproducible score sheets and observation sheets for use in practice” (source: www.inpp.org.uk)

This course is specifically appropriate for clinicians and practitioners interested in learning more about the role of primitive and postural reactions in supporting neuro-motor skills for enhanced function.  It includes:

  • an introduction to a selection of primitive reflexes, their functions in normal development and the potential effects if the primitive reflexes remain active beyond the first 6 months of life.
  •  a discussion of postural reactions, their functions and effects if they do not develop fully.
  •  instruction and hands-on experience in testing several primitive reflexes, which if retained, have consistently been shown to play a part in oculomotor dysfunction, visual-perceptual difficulties and educational under-achievement.

The tests are based on medical tests for the assessment of primitive reflexes and soft signs of neurological dysfunction.

This course does not include training in remedial intervention using The INPP Method.

The venue and exact dates are yet to be confirmed.  


Cost:  $495 (plus GST)

Please note: Each participant requires a manual for the program which will be available through Integrating Thinking.  Please contact us if you require a textbook to be provided by us.  (Cost: $130 AUD + postage)

Payment is required on registration for the course. Cancellation policies apply. 


Inquiries and expressions of interest regarding this program can be made through email: admin@integratingthinking.com.au






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