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Integrating Thinking


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Welcome to our Blog pages and posts that discuss various neuro-developmental issues and other interesting things that pertain to the education of children and enhancing learning potential from a neurological, movement, biophysical and general, all-round, holistic perspective.  



Blog Posts include the following from the most recent to older posts:

“Learning is a Body to Brain Story.” Published 8/5/2020

“Digi-Kids:  Reading, Writing and Learning in a Digital Age”   Published: 12/11/2019

“Where do I find good info?” Published: 22/03/2019

“NAPLAN Does NOT Equal Learning.”  Published:  08/08/2015

“Spreading the INPP Word”  Published:  29/04/2015

“What is Neuro-Developmental Education?” Published 24/02/2015  Revised in 2018  and listed as a page under the “HOME” Tab; What is Neuro-Developmental Education?

“Welcome to our Blogs!” Published:  26/01/2015


Integrating Thinking