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First Moves Matter

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Making Neurodevelopmental Theory Real in Early Years Education and Care. 

This is a professional learning opportunity offered to Early Years Professionals including Educators, Case Workers, Counsellors, Allied Health Care Practitioners and Community members.  It is part of our ‘Body to Brain Learning Professional Development Series.’ 


“The first three years of life, and the movements we make, lay the foundations for later learning and functional success.  It’s neurodevelopment in action, and we have a front row seat.  In fact, we can help direct it.    

Learn HOW movement, experience and opportunity in the early years primes a child’s brain for learning.  ‘First Moves Matter’TM is neuroscience mixed in with practical activities to foster neuro-motor and sensory development in our young children.”  

[Christine Payard (PhD), Director Integrating Thinking.]

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If you would like to participate in a “First Moves MatterTM” professional learning programme, please register your interest here and we will get back to you with information about this broader professional and community based learning opportunity. 


If you would like “First Moves Matter” customised for your community (it can be offered remotely) please email chris@integratingthinking.com.au


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Contact: chris@integratingthinking.com.au  for more information about this programme.


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