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“Body to Brain Learning @ School”

“Body to Brain Learning @ School” helps teachers identify, assess and address underlying neuromotor and sensory issues that may be making the school learning experience harder than it needs to be (for everyone)


Designed to help educators understand, implement and make changes that are effective and sustainable, based on inclusive education principles and delivering the Australian Curriculum. 

“Body to Brain Learning @ School” is the curriculum, NOT an add-on!  

We teach, mentor and coach educational staff to use neurodevelopmental principles that make a difference in the lives of students make the teaching difference for staff


This professional learning opportunity is for Primary, ECE and Secondary Educators.  It is contextualised for Australian Education, including the delivery of the Australian Curriculum and meeting inclusive education goals.  Participants learn about the importance of the body to brain connections (neurodevelopmental processes) that are the foundations of HOW we learn to learn.  Participants will learn to identify and address neuro-motor and sensory immaturity that often underpins student learning challenges and difficulties in school environments.

It’s about addressing learning readiness.

Results of this approach in schools include:

  • increased engagement of learners, 
  • creating readiness for learning with ALL class students,
  • enhancing learning potential by looking at underlying neuro-motor and sensory foundations of learning, and
  • greater professional satisfaction for teachers because their students are more settled and there’s better understanding of HOW students use their bodies to learn.

Schools that have implemented this program in Australia (and internationally) report improved reading, writing, engagement, NAPLAN results and other positive effects.

“Body to Brain Learningtm @ School” was previously known as “The Body Learns First @ School tm” 

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Other “Body to Brain Learningtm presentations and information sessions for schools, parent groups and professional bodies include these topics: 

    • “The Body Tells a Learning Story…”  for teachers and early childhood educators.
    • “Learning with the Body in Mind.” Tips for parents and caregivers in the early years. (Coming soon)
    •  Neuro-Motor Immaturity, Sensory Development and Learning community presentations. (Available on request)


Interested in organising a school-based professional learning program? 

Introductory presentations regarding the importance of considering & addressing neuro-motor readiness for learning in schools for school staff or parents; at staff meetings or parent information events. Ideal: 45 minutes to 1-hour keynote presentations.  These sessions are usually presented at minimal or no charge and can be face-to-face (if you’re within reasonable driving distance of Cairns), or by videoconferencing.  Click the button below to submit details about your school or community group so we can contact you.

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