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Where do I find an INPP Australia Licensed Practitioner?

Click on the map of Australia to take you to the INPP Australia website and the latest INPP Licentiate information: www.inppaustralia.com.au

INPP Australia Licentiate members renew their membership annually in June of each year. 

The INPP Australia Licentiate website is updated to show the current practitoners who are committed to the INPP program, network and development of the INPP method.  Licentiates participate in ongoing professional learning to ensure their practice and processes are current and consistent with the International INPP Practitioner group.

Christine Payard (PhD) of Integrating Thinking is the INPP Australia Principal and is based in Cairns, QLD.

INPP Licentiates are committed to ongoing professional development and continuing education in the field of Neuro-Motor Immaturity as well as a Code of Conduct for practicing the INPP method.

INPP Licentiates are required to display a certificate of Licentiate operation and qualifications for practice in the INPP method.  

INPP Licentiates are affiliated with INPP International and renew their licentiate membership annually.  They are granted permission to use the INPP Licentiate logo:

INPP practitioners around the world include educators,  medical practitioners, and allied health care practitioners (psychologists, optometrists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, and physio therapists) who share an interest in Neuro-Motor Immaturity (NMI) and Neuro-Developmental Delay (NDD).

These practitioners have completed post-graduate study in the INPP method.


The INPP International conference in 2021 will be online on May 28th and 29th. It is hosted by INPP Slovakia and Czech Republic (IPS). 

The conference title: Different Aspects of Multidisciplinary Child and Adult Care. 

Speakers included Norman Doidge, Sally Goddard Blythe and others. 

Updates on delivery/presentation of this conference can be found on this link:




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