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Professional Learning

Integrating Thinking offers professional learning & training opportunities for educators, allied health & health care professionals, parents and community groups in on-line and face-to face modes.  


On-line professional learning:

Body to Brain Learning®  Professional Learning SeriesLogo Body to Brain Learning Series

Body to Brain Learning® is a series of professional learning opportunities for teachers and early childhood educators, health and allied health care providers, parents and community groups currently offered on-line.


  • “The Body Tells the Learning Story…” is a 5 part series of 50 minute presentations considering learning and:
    • The role of the Body, particularly the neuro-developmental processes that impact on learning success,
    • The Balance and Co-ordination Story,
    • The Vision Story,
    • The Hearing Story,
    • The Movement Story.

Mixed-mode professional learning:

Educators: Professional Learning connecting the Australian Curriculum to proven movement activities that help develop and consolidate foundations for learning.

Logo Body to Brain Learning Series

Optometrists and Vision Therapists:  Professional Learning for Vision Therapists outlining the role of Neuro-Motor Immaturity (NMI) in Vision Therapy.  How to identify, screen for and work with clients who demonstrate neuro-motor and sensory immaturity. 

  • Reflexes Learning & Vision Therapy” includes on-line and face-to-face delivery over 3 Modules with practical activities and theoretical background on the role of primitive reflexes in learning and behaviour associated with Vision Therapy work.

Parents and Care Givers: Presentations and information sessions for parent groups including P&C, or P&F groups; family daycare providers; community and professional bodies. Topics include: 

  • “Learning with the Body in Mind” Tips for parents and caregivers in the early years. 
  • Neuro-Motor Immaturity, Sensory Development and Learning.

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INPP®  Training.  

Dr Christine Payard (PhD), Director of Integrating Thinking, is the licensed Principal and training provider of the INPP® Method in Australia.  The Institute for Nero-Physiological Psychology (INPP), established by Dr Peter Blythe (PhD) and under the Directorship of Sally Goddard Blythe, has researched, developed, published and produced training materials on the importance of Neuro-Motor Immaturity for functional and learning support.

INPP Training programmes offered by Integrating Thinking include: 


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