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Body to Brain Learning Professional Development Series

Training and Professional Learning Programmes offered by Dr Christine Payard (PhD) of Integrating ThinkingTM include our  “Body to Brain Learning® ” Professional Development Series AND official training developed by INPP®

Integrating Thinking TM offers training & professional learning opportunities for educators, allied health & health care professionals, parents and community groups in online and face-to-face modes. 

Body to Brain LearningTM  is a series of professional development programmes developed to support the work of Integrating ThinkingTM in Community, Education and Allied Health contexts.  Developed and delivered by Dr Christine Payard (PhD), Director of Integrating ThinkingTM and Body to Brain LearningTM, these courses are delivered online and in face-to-face modes and are separate from the clinical aspects of Integrating ThinkingTM consultancy services.

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Body to Brain Professional Learning  & Training Series

What is Body to Brain LearningTM

Basically, it’s a functional and developmental approach to learning.  Our body needs to function well and be developmentally mature (at the appropriate life stage) for us to learn well. 

The Body to Brain LearningTM Professional Development Series teaches you about what to look for and how to use this information and approach in your learning based practice. 

Body to Brain LearningTM  focusses on providing professional learning to help participants apply theory in practice. It enables them to contextualize the information and use it in their work, in their schools.

Designed to increase participants understanding and use of principles and concepts of neuro-development, neuro-plasticity and neuroscience in their work supporting and enhancing learning, the Body to Brain LearningTM Professional Development Series draws together information from neurobiology and developmental theory, education, neuro-cognitive science, professional learning and the Australian Learning context.

Teacher’s professional learning opportunities include ways to implement the Australian Curriculum, make reference to NCCD reporting responsibilities, incorporate and identify connections with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and support continuing professional development across Australia. Our programmes are practical and action-based and designed to help apply theory in practice.

We offer online and mixed-mode professional learning opportunities for educators, allied health and health care professionals with a focus on why the body to brain learningTM connection is important for supporting ALL learning. We offer a neuro-motor and sensory development perspective. 

Resources are made available to participants including checklists, posters and notes, to help them identify physical and learning indicators of neuro-motor and sensory immaturity known to contribute to learning challenges.  Participants are offered practical ways to implement this information in their work.

The “Body to Brain LearningTM” Professional Learning Series include: 




“The Body Writes & Tells the Learning Story:  An Introductory Course.”  A short one hour course: Why this is important for understanding learning and how we learn.

Introductory Course
First Moves Matter Professional Learning picture



“First Moves Matter for Learning.”  A Professional Learning opportunity for Early Years Educators and Professionals



“How the Body Tells a Learning Story”. A more detailed explanation and understanding of how the body writes and tells the learning story for educators and those who provide learning support.



“Body to Brain Learning @ School”. A Schools approach including connections with the Australian school context including the Australian Curriculum and meeting the needs of diverse learners.  Mentoring and coaching forms part of this school based professional learning approach.


Snippets about these course offerings:

“The Body Writes & Tells the Learning Story:  An Introduction”. A  one hour explanation and introduction to why a neurodevelopmental approach to learning and function is important to have in our professional understanding.  

  “First Moves Matter for Learning” TM:  A community-based focus for Early Years Professionals to help them explain why the first 1000 days of development are so important for later learning and function. 

“How The Body Tells a Learning StoryTM”   An opportunity for Educators to identify and learn more about HOW their students learn and how their bodies tell us the story of how they learn. (AITSL #1:  Know your students and how they learn, and others).

“Body to Brain LearningTM @ School” [Previously called: “The Body Learns First @ School.TM“]   Learn how to assess and address neuromotor and sensory readiness for learning in a supported Professional Learning opportunity that includes mentoring and coaching, makes connections to the Australian Curriculum and other regulatory and reporting requirements for curriculum differentiation.  (AITSL #1:  Know your students and how they learn, and others).


Additional training includes training in the INPPTM method: 

Currently offered in Australia under license from INPP International.

Dr Christine Payard (PhD) is the INPP Principal for Australia with the license to deliver the INPP Training Programmes developed by Sally Goddard Blythe (Director, INPP International).  These courses are delivered in Australia in mixed mode including online delivery and face-to-face components.

Courses offered by Integrating Thinking include:


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