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2018 Exciting Conferences coming up…

2018 looks to be like the year of Conference participation for Integrating Thinking and INPP Australia.

“Physiological Factors Underlying Learning Success”:  INPP Conference in Madrid, 12th & 13th May

The XXIV International Conference organized by the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology will take place in Madrid, the 12th and 13th of May 2018.  The theme of this new edition will be “Physiological Factors Underlying Learning Success”. There will be experts from different countries sharing their knowledge on how motor development, nutrition, sleep, audition, vision and emotion contribute to learning success. We aren’t presenting at this conference, but the list of speakers is pretty amazing.  Look at this site (be sure to find the link to the English version on the page if it pops up in Spanish)  INPP Spain, Conference 2018    

Then, back to a chronological order of events:

“Wholeness in Self, Practice and Community”: Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Ltd (AIK), February 24 & 25th, 2018, St Kilda: 

AIK has asked me to present information about the INPP program and work that we conduct with clients who experience Neuromotor Immaturity.  This is a great opportunity to share with other practitioners who are motivated to enhance performance and function of children and adults who face functional challenges in learning, sport and other life activities.  I’m honored to be asked to share information about the work we do and look forward to learning more about the work of these practitioners.  Information about this conference can be found here: Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Ltd 2018 Conference.

“From Vision to Practice: Establishing the Future:  International Congress of Behavioural Optometry (ICBO) April 26-29, Sydney.

“ICBO is a global optometric congress that celebrates the collaborative nature of [the optometric] profession. It brings people together from many countries, many disciplines, many backgrounds and many stages of their careers. It’s about exploring commonalities, making connections, working together and exchanging ideas.”  My focus as a speaker at this conference will be: “Children First:  Cross- disciplinary collaboration in fit for purpose research.”  This exciting opportunity to share knowledge and experience with very experienced practitioners and theorists from around the world again will be a highlight of the first part of the year.  Our behavioural optometrist colleagues provide wonderful work in addressing functional performance in life and learning around the perception and processing of our world through our visual system.  There is always much to be learned from this motivated group of professionals. Here’s the site outlining the speakers: ICBO Conference 2018, Sydney.


We will keep you posted of other events and activities we are invited to participate in.  Please let us know if you want us to submit abstracts for presentations at any other conferences or events that are coming up in an area of interest of yours. We are all about putting children first and helping families and other care providers address issues associated with neuro-motor immaturity.  Collaborating with other like minded professionals is a corner stone of our work. Drop us an email:  admin@integratingthinking.com.au or chris@integratingthinking.com.au



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