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Integrating Thinking

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Here’s the Body to Brain Learning Educator’s Checklist:

Thanks for taking the time to download the “Body To Brain Learning Educator’s Checklist” and for your interest in this aspect of learning.
The button below downloads a copy of the “Body to Brain Learning Educator’s Checklist.”  It’s a PDF document. You can use it immediately. 
All you need to do is think of a student and start checking the boxes if they apply to that student.   
[There’s a bit more about how to use the checklist in the guidelines (page 3 of the document) and where you can learn more about this work (page 4).]
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Send me an email and let me know what you think about the checklist:  chris@integratingthinking.com.au


   Thanks for taking this step to find out more about HOW.




Integrating Thinking