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Screening for NMI

If you are interested in learning more about Screening for NMI in your workplace, here are some options for you.

Current training opportunities include:

Health Care Professionals Screening Course:

INPP Australia offers the INPP one-day training for course Health Care Professionals that provides some background details about Neuromotor Immaturity and a screening protocol for use in practice.  If a child is found to have several retained primitive reflexes, the practitioner can refer them for further assessment and intervention from an INPP trained practitioner.  This course is offered generally once per year.  Currently scheduled for delivery online August, 6th 2021.

INPP Schools Programme:

INPP Australia offers the INPP one-day training for course teachers that provides a very brief background about Neuromotor Immaturity, the screening protocol and an introduction to the schools programme discussed in “Assessing Neuromotor Readiness for Learning”.   This course is only delivered by special request in Australia. 

The Body Learns First @ School:

A course that provides more details about:

  • the neuroscience of learning including neuromotor and sensory development,
  • ways to identify neuromotor and sensory immaturity in the classroom,
  • ways to screen for neuromotor and sensory immaturity,
  • ways to address it through school-based activities, 
  • making connections with the Australian Curriculum,

AND, …. (insert a drum roll!)

  • ongoing mentoring support from an INPP trained practitioner to help troubleshoot and apply the learning in your school context.

This course is longer than the one-day screening courses, but it provides more conceptual knowledge about the neuromotor and sensory foundations of learning and body function and relates it to the Australian Curriculum and teaching context.  As teachers you see the effects of NMI, this is how you learn to identify and help address it in your classrooms to help your students learn more effectively.  This course is aligned with AITSL Professional Standards. 


Want more details?

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