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Introductory Course:  “The Body Writes & Tells the Learning Story”.  A one hour mini-course explaining the importance of neurodevelopment for successful learning and function.  Why the first 1000 days of life and early movement are important for laying the foundations of later learning success.


Logo Body to Brain Learning SeriesBody to Brain Learning is a series of professional learning opportunities developed by Dr Christine Payard (PhD).  We offer programmes for Educators, Allied Health Care Professionals, and those interested in learning and how we learn.  Our training connects with Professional Standards, Inclusive Education practices, the Australian Curriculum and more.  Find out more: bodytobrainlearning.com

INPP Australia training opportunities are offered by Integrating Thinking under a license from INPP International.  INPP Practitioner courses are offered each year.  Each of the Post-graduate level courses takes approx. 9 months to complete. Learn more about the next INPP Practitioner Course on our webpage: https://integratingthinking.com.au/inpp-practitioner-training-information/

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